Monday, April 16, 2012

April 8 to April 14

April 8, 2012
Happy Easter! A quiet day I did lots of laundry mostly linens. I have to wash it all because of the dust from the construction. I finally have it all in one place and will sort decide what to keep. I did a pork roast in the crock pot for supper. I sorted through a couple Uncle Bill boxes and put a lot of photos in the recycle as they have no meaning to anyone (so sad). Also recycled all his travel brochures from his many trips. I found some rosary's he had bought in Fatama. lovely sunny day.

April 9, 2012
Sorted through a couple of boxes from the dining room. Finished washing all the small pieces of linen. Lots of tablecloths still to do. Meghan phoned called and we went over the order so she knows what we need. I made a Mexican rice dish with the left over pork for supper. Meghan called again and she is sending the parcel tomorrow. Very windy and dull but didn't rain.

April 10, 2012
After work we had coffee with Paul and went to the bank. We then drove into Peterborough I went to Michael's and got some bargains and after 3 tries got wood trim for the kitchen ceiling. Went to Cosco and had supper there and got a some groceries and then spent lots of money at Dollarama. We went to the mall and I got gifts for Philip and Kyrstin and we returned the movie tickets and got 4 special events tickets in exchange. Didn't get home till after 9. cool and rain.

April 11, 2012
After work I got my hair cut at Nadine's and we went to Dave and Mary's to pay the bill for the Island. Dave had brought the last drawer front this morning. I made a potato & green been and hamburger casserole which was a do again supper. John stained the cupboards funny day with sun and rain on and off cool.

April 12, 2012
Beautiful day. Got lots of laundry done. Parcel from Meghan arrived and Mary & Dave stopped by so she got her supplies. Nancy was here and I gave her Joyce and her things.  We sat and had a cup of spiced tea. My summer skirts (19) are paired with 2 tops and hanging up in my wardrobe. I made a ground beef and broccoli casserole similar to yesterdays but didn't like how it was layered. I will probably do my own version from here on in. sunny

April 13, 2012
Crazy day at work with lots of people and interruptions. John helped fold bulletins and I saved some things for next Tuesday. Went to the Burger Hut for lunch. It opened today Hurray! Got 4 more loads of wash done. My slacks (13), capri's (7) and skorts (3) are all paired with 2 tops and hanging in the bathroom closet. I put 5 pair of track pants with 2 tops each in my bottom drawer. I have 5 tops left over! Jackets and sweaters and dresses are another problem as I have run out of closet space. That is a hard job done. All my winter things are piled on Sharon's bed ready to be put away. John did a stir fry for supper and I made no bake chocolate peanut butter squares. Christopher and boys arrived at 9:40 pm.

April 14, 2012
A fun busy day. Christopher & Philip dismantled the homemade bunk bed in the boys room and we took the mattresses and other junk to the dump. Philip then cleaned the back stairs too. The twins made memory wire bracelets while I did some work for my friend Nancy. We made hummingbird food and a suet cake for the birds. After a nice ham and scalloped potato with roasted veggies dinner (Oh and of course spaghetti & cheese) we left Grandpa at his desk and went to visit my sister Aunt Joan. We also saw Luke & Kendra and their new puppy Argo. When we got home Christopher and I sewed badges on cadet uniforms for the twins. There are a few pictures on my other Blog Organized Chaos 

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