Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 1 to April 7

April 1, 2012
Nature pulled an April fool on us as it snowed over night and today has been a dull cold wet day. Got stuff ready to mod pog a box and thinking of pillow covers for the porches. Went to the Multi-denominational Service at our Church and our choir sang Jerusalem. It was a nice service with ministers from all the Churches reading parts of the passion of Christ interspersed with choirs from each Church and the St, Paul's School choir. Meghan called and she is all finished with her studies and looking forward to some me time. cool and damp

April 2, 2012
I tea died paper for my box and have been working on a patch work pillow cover. Gayle, Diana and Michael were here for John to do their taxes and then we had Chinese for supper. It was a nice visit. Sean phoned to say Gillian has been accepted at U of T for International Development. She is waiting to hear from other Universities before she decides where she will go. Charlie is doing Kayaking and bouncer near Pembroke for the summer. Stephen is still enjoying his horseback riding. Nice day got 4 loads of laundry dry on the line.

April 3, 2012
Brian's birthday. Only 2 working days for me this week.  Ordinary uninteresting day. Farmers sausage in a bun for supper. Finished making the pillow cover and watched TV. sun & cloud

April 4, 2012
Did half hour (on my lunch hour) and hour after work with John of 40 hour devotions today. Don't have to go back to work till next Tuesday! Ordered pizza for supper. sun & cloud windy.

April 5, 2012
I spent a lot of the day working on my mod pog box. The ugly pink/purple box is now paper covered with lace and buttons. You can see it on my other Blog; Organized Chaos . Meghan phoned and she will mail the jewellery on Tuesday. I bought flowers to spread around the house. John went to his Lions dinner (kids night) Sunny but still on the cool side.

April 6, 2012
Good Friday. Christopher phoned and he and the boys are coming to visit next Friday. Hooray!!! Dave was here and brought me the cut out from the sink transformed into a large board to protect the island. He also checked the sizes for the cupboards and he will install them on Monday. We will have to stain and finish them. Went to Church at 3 pm in Norwood. John hung the curtains in the dining room and reversed the door back the way it was originally and put crystal knobs on it. I have been working on the obits from the paper I am a year behind! Joan called and we had a great chat. Still sunny and cool. Full moon tonight.

April 7, 2012
Dave called to say he was coming today instead of Monday and he and Mary arrived around 11 am. He spent a lot of time fitting and attaching the doors and drawer fronts and one drawer had to go home with him to be resized, We still have to stain and finish them. John bought us all sandwiches from Foodland and they left around 3 pm. Mary bought some floss and ordered Kumihimo boards for her grandchildren. Did some more obits and John worked on filling the spaces on the reversed door. We had the Saturday night special and went to Church in Norwood for the Easter Vigil. Afterwards we went to Tom & Joyce's for a visit with the Trappers and played Romoli. Beautiful warm sunny day.


Sue said...

So glad to hear from you. I always look forward to your comments. I know what you mean about zebras being in. My granddaughter, Abby (who is almost 13) has her room done in pink, black and white with many of the accents in zebra print. I am having so much fun doing these zoo ones, too. Also, get news ... almost time for me to go on my scheduled visit to my mother's. I am so relieved that she is again home. And it sounds like she is getting stronger every day now. Hopefully she won't overdo. Hugs always, Sue

Sue said...

So glad you like the new giraffe. I must say Jenn was quite hateful. (I'm just venting). I went and looked up the kit I used and couldn't find anything to say I couldn't use the giraffe. I try very hard not to use anyone's elements I don't have permission for. I have had one other site ask me not to use her elements, but she was really, really nice about it. Hugs, Sue