Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 15 to April 21

April 15, 2012
I woke everyone up so we could go to 9 am Mass in Havelock and then have breakfast at the Burger King. We then sent Grandpa back to his desk and continued on to Oakville to see Taylor play for the Provincial Bronze medal. Unfortunately her team didn't win but they were fourth in Ontario and that is very good. Kyrstin's team had been eliminated on Saturday but just getting to Provincials is amazing. Afterwards we went to Sherway Garden's Mall and had supper in the food court. The boys did some shopping and I checked out Pottery Barn but it was boring. On the way home I got dropped off in Cobourg and John and I went to visit Dianna and Gayle and then home again. A busy weekend. warm foggy and damp

April 16
A very very windy day. I got two loads of laundry done but nearly got blown into the neighbour's yard hanging it up. Sorted through a couple of boxes from the dinning room and sorted and boxed some of the linen Put some yard sale things on the front porch and but away the porch Christmas things. Leftovers for supper. sun and cloud warm.

April 17
A busy day at work with lots of people and phone calls. Went for coffee and a bowl of soup at the Burger Hut and then had a late supper of meat pie. Cool sun & clouds

April 18
Ice on the windshield this morning. Only worked till 12:30 as I had an appointment with my gynecologist for a pap test. Have to go back in 3 months. We went shopping and got some treasures and a new light for the kitchen. John bought a TV for his office. I am not happy about it. After visiting John's client we had supper at Red Lobster. Check out my other Blog for pictures. sunny but cool.

April 19
We met Brian & Dorothy at the Burger Hut for lunch and then they came and had a look at the Kitchen. Nice warm day so  got lots of laundry done and fixed up the day bed on the back porch. John went to Lions in the evening.

April 20
Busy day at work and we went to the Burger Hut for lunch with Carole and Fr. and left from there with Carole to go to the Motel in Orillia. we shared a bottle of wine and then had a nap before going to Rama for supper with Jean and Bud. A couple of hours on the penny machine (lost $1.00) and then we went to see Gordon Lightfoot. It was a great show with all the familiar songs. Afterwards we gambled a bit (lost .90) to let the crowd (7,000) disperse and then shared another bottle of wine at the motel and called it a
night. dull with rain in the night.

April 21
Got up around 8:00am and met Harry and Carole at McDonalds for breakfast. On the way home we stopped at the Barn but didn't buy anything. Stopped at Fabricland and got heat resistant padding for an ironing board and went to Dollar Mania for a few things. We visited Joan for a few minutes and stopped at the Lion's park to pick up our rain barrel. Home at noon! Went to Mass at5:00 and had the usual for supper. cold and damp. new moon

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