Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What actually happened yesterday March 1, 2011

Every thing goes smoothly till you get to the hospital at 8 am. It is a long walk to the waiting room. After registering and having blood work and filling out the form you wait. You get weighed and talk to Lorne the nursing student then you wait. You talk to Lou the nurse then you wait. You talk to Dr Biagi I asked him about the leg pain and we discussed options and I asked about my CT scan and he said he would get the results and come to the chemo room to give them to me. Then register at the chemo room and wait. My chemo nurse was Patti I had my footballs and then she had an awful time getting my IV hooked up after two tries on the left hand I ended up with it in a very awkward spot under my baby finger on my right hand. She started the saline but my treatment cocktail did not arrive till 11am my appointment was for 10:30. Got started and through the 2 15 min ones no problem and Patti went for lunch and Janet took over for her. I went to the bathroom, which is very awkward with the IV in your right hand, and you have to navigate between chairs nurses and med carts in the very crowded temporary chemo room where the big easy chairs they use are almost touching each other and people like John have to sit in front of them. The new room opens in June and I hope I never have to use it.When I got back Janet tried to start the Paclitaxel and it wouldn't flow properly. After checking here and there for about 20 min she discovered the needle had a kink in it so she straitened it out and re taped it and it started to work blood pressure very high here! I managed to do some knitting but after about an hour an a half and another bathroom trip every time I moved my right hand everything got messed up and the flow was interrupted and would start to beep so I gave up on the knitting and did a bit of reading. The nurses have more than one patient so there is often time when nothing is happening between bags. They started the last bag at 3:30 and we were finished at about 4:45 as they do a saline flush at the end. We went to Smittys and had a great supper and were home at 7:30 pm. Dr. Biagii never showed but he called to apologize before we got home and then called at 8:30 Wednesday morning to say that the CT scan was clear hurray!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia
Thanks for the update. The blog helps us to understand in detail the procedure you are going thru.
It is great news of the good news regarding the CT.
Hope the next few days go well for you. We will be thinking of you and praying for you. If there is anything that we can do for you call us.
Take care and get lots of rest.
Jack & Nancy

Diane King said...

Tric. I am glad the CT was clear however I am 'some pissed' that you never called when you were first diagnosed. You know I hate being left out of things. :-) You will be in my prayers daily until this disease is defeated. God Bless you and John and keep you strong. Diane