Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011

February 1st I met Dr. Biagi who recomended 4 chemotherapy treatments as preventative measures. The surgery gave me a 70% cancer free statis. The Dr. did an internal exam and said everything looked clean and good. If I take the recomended treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation this will give me a 90% chance of staying Cancer free. Treatments will start on February 8 and I will see the Radiologist then too. Got my hair cut in anticipation of it falling out and started to knit hats!

February 8 I saw Dr. Biagi again and he said if my blood tests are good between treatments we can shorten the time to 3 weeks. I met and saw Dr. Shenfield the radiologist whose intern did an internal which he also said looked good. Dr. S ordered a CT scan which will be done in Campbellford to check and see if there are any hot spots where lymph nodes are swollen. He recomended 25 external radiation treatments which will be done on a Monday to Friday scedule but not on holidays then a one week internal treatment on Monday Wedneasday and Friday. treatments will start about a month after Chemo is done. I have taken a medical leave from work which goes to October 4. I then had my first 5 hour chemo treatment. It was a very long day.

February 14 had the CT Scan in Campbellford and results will be sent to Kingston

February 22 Went to Campbellford for blood work. Which is also sent to Kingston

February 28 Went to campbellford for blood work also sent to Kingston

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