Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the up swing

What a beautiful day we had today! Finally feel like Spring might come till you here the weather report of snow tomorrow :( I had a typical "after chemo weekend" leg pain and fatigue but no other problems. It was great to have my son Christopher and Lori visit and cook us dinner Saturday night. The leg pain is now over and I am getting more energy each day. John took me out for coffee Tuesday as I was getting cabin fever. Today I went for coffee with my sister Joan. Tomorrow we are going to visit my brother Brian and Dorothy and see their Maple Syrup operation. What a great family week I am having! Thanks for looking in.

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Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

So happy to hear that the leg pain has passed by for this time, and that even more so that you are scheduled to have one more chemo and hopefully that will be the end of chemo treatments. I think it is quite common to follow with the RAI which I think you mentioned might be the next step. I'm hoping that the RAI won't be as drastic for you as the Chemo has been, but thank goodness we have progressed in medical science and have a way of treating this disease. My prayers are with you and DH and your loved ones, and it's so nice to see you posting and keeping in touch.

Still don't know about RAKS; guess everything is a big secret--geeeesssh, I don't think it's fair to keep everybody guessing and then the girls keep making the kits. There should be a time limit on this, but who am I to say.

Hope to catch your next post, and so glad that you are feeling good. Hugs, prayers and love.