Friday, March 4, 2011

Side effects and pills

As this is my second time around after a treatment it will be interesting to see if the side effects are the same. So far I have been very lucky and have had no problem with vomiting or nausea. My biggest problem has been joint pain mainly in my knees and feet. This started on the Thursday after my treatment and was very bad on the Friday and Saturday and down to a dull roar on the Sunday and Monday. These 5 days seem to be what I call my "bad days" I feel basically OK but know that everything is not right. I describe it as feeling wobbly.This time the knees started bothering me around suppertime yesterday (Thursday). What a day for pills! After breakfast I took two stars (they are done now till night before next treatment) and a football, a stool softener, a multi vitamin and vitamin D, after lunch Calcium and B12 after supper, another football (only one left now) and stool softener. At 8:30 I took a percocet (oxycocet) for the pain and at 10:30 an Advil nighttime, and two Senokot (for constipation) a total of 16 pills! 10 different kinds. This is the worst day for that. By Saturday I should be back to my normal routine of just vitamins and calcium. The knee pain has been a lot less than last time so hopefully it will be easier this time around. I expect to be feeling normal by Tuesday and I better as I am going to work now and then for the next 3 weeks as Barbara my replacement had this time booked for holidays.

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Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Dear Pat, I wish more than anything this wasn't put upon you, but you are remembering well and coping with the effects. I'm trying to figure how often you have to have the chemo and how close together they are. You are doing very, very well, and you are going to beat this monster, I just know you are. You're a smart lady, very determined, and you have lots of prayers coming your way--hang on to your stamina as long as you can, rest when you have to, and I hope the sickness doesn't catch up with you. Everybody has reactions that are different from others, some good--some bad, but just think of the beautiful spring flowers if you have spring the same time as Boston does, and that's soon, and maybe you will be outside enjoying the good weather in between treatments. My DIL has a church prayer list and I have placed your name on it last night. Everybody here is wishing you the best, the very best, and we will keep you in our prayers until we hear the day that you are cured. You're going to make it!!! Think positive.

Love, hugs and prayers,