Monday, March 4, 2013

February 24 to March 2

Sunday February 24, 2013
Slept in. Knee a bit better. Went for breakfast at BH. Chris here but had to leave to watch the Indianapolis race. Windows are painted love the blue. Meghan called and she got the summer job she wanted. Ya! Made turkey soup for supper. Nothing on TV so read and then Christopher called. We got caught up on the family news.
Monday February 25, 2013
Electrician will be coming tomorrow.  A quiet day. Tried to do my Blog but have lost access to A Day in the Life but have Crosstown and Organized Chaos back! Had coffee at BH and met Marg K and friend and we had a good chat.
Tuesday February 26, 2013
Still no year end at work. Nancy was going to meet us at BH but it was closed. She came here instead. What a circus. Electrician Bernie & son Ben were here and so was Chris. Everything is topsy turvy. Knee a bit better but still have trouble with stairs.
Wednesday February 27, 2013
Got my books but they were wrong so still waiting. Not much to do. Bad headache. House a disaster but lots getting done Bernie & Andrew here. Chris didn't make it today. Lots of wet snow. It came down all day. Had Chinese for supper.
Thursday February 28, 2013
TJ's birthday. Woke up to a winter wonderland. Snow on all the tree branches and wires. Snow still falling, very wet. Bernie & Andrew here.
We went to Havelock and I got my hair cut finally! Then we went to Campbellford to Bennett's and bought a memory foam Beautyrest mattress. Next the Salvation Army store and I got a 10 drawer (coloured plastic shallow) tower. Then we went to Giant Tiger and stocked up on frozen food. When we got home Bernie had switches on all the lights! It is going to take some getting used to. All the lights are temporary just a bulb in a socket. The fixtures we want need to be re-wired or bought. Knee feeling a bit better. Have tried every day to get my Blog back no luck.
Friday March 1, 2013
Found the tin of keys I have been looking fore for years! My books are back at work so I had lots to do. Saw a pair of Cardinals in the hedge at the Rectory. Got my pay cheque a week late. Had lunch at BH, potato soup, yum. Bernie is finished his work and we had Susan here from Drapery by Design and we ordered honeycomb black out blinds for the windows. Colour is a light beige. Chris was here and did more mudding. Working on the March/April changeover but hard with everything so disorganized. Have most of the things on the dining room table. Had panzerotti for supper from the new place on 45. OK but not great. Went through the keys tonight, some very cool ones!
Saturday March 2, 2013
Chris here most of the day. Went for coffee at BH after lunch. Bought more primer. Mass at 5:00 pm. Bedroom is all white (primed). Went to bed early with my book.

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Laurel Stephens said...

Hi Patricia! I've been going nuts transferring my email to my new computer and haven't been able to reply to comments on my blog lately. Thank you for your sweet comments. I just love 'em. I think the way you photo journal on this site is so cool. I hope you don't mind me reading your diary, but honestly, there is something so compelling about your life and writing style. You notice the things that I notice, too, like birds singing in a hedge, and I admire the things you think are worth noting. I think they are, too. Things a lot of people don't notice or appreciate! Your journal reminds me of the homesteaders' journals I also love to read. It's a perfect snapshot of everyday life. Anyway, I'm thinking it may be meant more for you and your family than strangers like me. If so, just tell me to bugger off. LOL! Sorry for the long comment. Have a great day!