Friday, October 5, 2012

September 16 to September 22

OOPs had this all done and forgot to post it!

September 16, 2012
Still cool especially in the wind. CW and Philip and Patrick left at 9:30 for bowling and John W cooked us a wonderful breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs and mushrooms. TJ took Taylor and Alexandre for another sail and then the Woodbecks started to pack up. They left around noon. Lori and the girls and Alexandre left shortly after. I sat outside reading in the sun till supper time and we had BBQ ribs for supper. John played games on the computer and we went to bed.

September 17, 2012
Still cool but sunny. Packed up and went to the dump station and left the park at 9:45. We had a text from CW to bring food from their camper to Cornwall so we went there first. Had breakfast at McDonalds and decided to take hwy 2 the scenic route. We stopped in Brockville but the book store was closed. The bakery wasn't and John got us a sandwich and squares. We finally found a park in Gananoque to eat our lunch. Still on hwy 2 but we detoured to the LW store in Kingston and I did very well. 5 tops and a pair of black dress slacks for $19.66 tax in!!!!! Another stop in Trenton at the LW and bought more tea. Arrived at Gayle's at 5:30! We gave Diana her gift and went for supper with them at Chicken Chalet. Finally home at 8:30.

September 18, 2012
Very quiet at work. Got all my filing caught up. Had lunch at BH. Jack and Nancy met us for coffee at 3:30. Watched TV. Still cool and it is raining.

September 19, 2012
Lots of phone calls today. Sad news that Gary Buck passed away. Fr. should be back tomorrow. John did some laundry and I brought it in. Sunny and very cool. I made a hamburger and potato casserole for supper.

September 20, 2012
Cool. Did laundry. Mary English came by for a quick visit to sign some CWL papers. I cleaned up the back porch and organized my planting bench. Went for coffee and then checked out the auction. Lots of craft stuff, very tempting. Maybe a good thing John will be at Lion's tonight.  Left 2 bids. Didn't get the planter but got the box for $13.56. It contained a cloche, a Russ bear with stand, a med. metal watering can, a small green dish, a bird house decoration, a welcome friends sign, miniature green metal wheelbarrow, miniature black metal doll swing, miniature wood book stand with candle and another bear with a quilt.

September 21, 2012
Warmer sun/cloudy day. Got organized and went to lunch and headed to Peterborough. Stopped at our favourite antique and collectible consignment store and bought a washstand table with drawers and a tall washstand table. We checked out The Barn and saw a couple of nice cabinets for the dinning room. We will have to do some measuring. Got to Rama at 4 and met Harry & Carole. Played some slots and went to dinner which was Harry's treat. more slots and on to the show. Olivia Newton John was fantastic. Full of energy and she had great backup and sang a variety of songs, country, ballads and of course tunes from Grease. We got home after 1 am.

September 22, 2012
Took off to Peterborough again and went to Knock on Wood where I ordered two wing back chairs and picked a beige with blue pattern for them. We should get them in November. I also bought a square picture of a blue and beige flower. We saw some cupboards but they were only 18 " deep. Went to The Barn and bought the 2 cupboards we saw on Friday. they are 24" deep. Also bought a large china cream and blue bird. They will be delivered next Saturday. Stopped for coffee and watched people arrive for the wedding at the Church. Went to 5 pm Mass, had pizza for supper and then watch Dr. Who.

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