Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4 January 22-28

January 22, 2012
We cancelled our trip to Ottawa today as we found the island yesterday. We went to the CWL 90th Anniversary Mass at 10:30 at St. Paul’s and went to the Reception at the Millennium Room in the afternoon. We took a trip to Port Hope to look for more furniture and saw nice china cabinet but very pricey. Then we went to visit Gayle and Diana in Cobourg and had supper at the DQ. 0°C   -19°C

January 23, 2012
Went to Peterborough to find a cupboard for the brick wall and found it right away at the Nostalgic Journey! We used our free coupon we won at last years Ball Tournament for lunch and went to Cosco before picking up the cupboard.
Had pizza and salad for supper. 6°C   1°C

January 24, 2012
A dull snowy day to go to work. John added a shelf to the unit we bought yesterday. Leftovers for supper. 2°C   -11°C

January 25, 2012
A busy day in the house. Steve the electrician and his helper Shawn did a lot of the electrical work in the kitchen and Brendon and Ryan fixed the dinning room floor while I was at work. We also gave the plan for the island to Brendon to show Steve the builder. The dishwasher and the microwave were delivered. Pork chops for supper.

January 26, 2012
The electricians were here today and finished the electrical work.
John's computer client came just as my computer died completely. He took it away and I probably won't get it back for 10 days. I am now working on my laptop. Gillian has model pictures on the internet. Had Chinese for supper. 0   -4

January 27, 2012
We had a lot of freezing rain overnight and Fr. Called to say don't come to work. He also cancelled dinner tonight as he is not feeling well. It has snowed most of the day. Signed the papers for the Bank loan. 1   -1

January 28, 2012
I went in to work and did the Bulletin and pay cheques. We went to 5:00 pm Mass in Norwood and then went to Jack D's 60th birthday party. 1  -6

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