Friday, June 11, 2010

About time isn't It!

I haven't updated much but I get discouraged as I wonder who looks? There aren't many comments so is anybody interested?
John has been very busy finishing up income tax as the deadline for businesses is June 15. We were hoping to go camping this weekend but it isn't going to happen. The weather isn't supposed to be very good anyway. Good excuse to have a lazy day and curl up with a good book.
I have created an outdoor area on our back porch with 2 bird feeders and humming bird feeder. I have a cosy wicker chair and some plants too. I am going to move the bird bath over to this area too. So far I can sit there without being eaten alive. I wonder how long that will last.


Pumpy said...

Hi my Friend,
I come by, but I know how you feel. Love watching birds as well, can sit and watch them for hours, not good enough to photograph them though. Tell us about your climate on your Blog, as most of us are interested in Canada and how you manage the cold. At least I do. LOL XXXX

Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

My neighbor has a bird feeder right in front of where she sits by her little flower garden, and she finally had to move it as it seems the squirrels were always climbing up and trying to get the food. I've never had a bird feeder, but we do have a bird bath and it's fun to watch the birds splashing around in it when it has water. We can't let the water sit too long as it's a good breeding ground for those bugs though.