Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring is Sprung

Well Spring is here in all its glory the flowers are beautiful and the trees are so many shades of green. The Victoria Day weekend signals the official beginning of a busy summer season. Our camper "Nellie" is getting her toilet fixed and hopefully we can go camping again soon. I had a wonderful day last Sunday (May 16) with my sister checking out some camp grounds and going to several "dollar" type stores. This Saturday (May 22) we (DH and DS)did the local garage sales and I picked up some things for Christmas gifts and some beads for my latest renewed hobby. Last Monday night we went to the Symphony in Ottawa and next Friday (May 28) we are going to Rama to see Riverdance. On June 2 we have tickets to see Cats. This week Christopher and TJ will be visiting and next Sunday Meghan and I are going to a jewellery workshop. Thank goodness I have my June prizes and Mega Kit done for RAKScraps! Life is good.

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Pumpy said...

My goodness you people are busy. I may have told you we do not have garage sales here. Jumble sales but that is mainly cloths and mainly the black people go there. xxx