Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 4 to November 10

November 4, 2012
Had brunch at Burger Hut. Went to Choir practice. The Churches arn't doing individual numbers this year.

November 5, 2012
Met Brian & Dorothy for lunch today and got caught up on their news. Knitting at night watching TV.

November 6, 2012
A nice surprise to have Nancy & Jack join us for coffee after I finished work.

November 7, 2012
I lead a dull life. Went to work, eat supper and knit!

November 8, 2012
Did some knitting in the morning. Still plugging away at the dinging room. Went to Rama to see Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons. Very good show. All the old favourites, Big Girls Don't Cry, Sherry. I hope I have as much energy when I am his age. We got home at midnight.

November 9, 2012
John had blood tests this morning. We had our usual lunch at Burger Hut.

November 10, 2012
Got out a lot of Christmas things. Have one large box of things I am going to get rid of. Went to Mass at 5:00

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