Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 12 to August 18

August 12, 2012
More rain overnight and on and off all day. Packed up and went to Church at 10:30 in Kingston at a Church near the camp ground. Left for home with a stop at the outlet store. Bought 2 white winter tops and a yellow short sleeve and a white long sleeve cotton blouse for $35.00 tax included. Another stop at A Taste of Country for frozen food and a blue bird for me. Went for coffee at The Burger Hut and it was raining there but stopped at the stop lights and did not rain at our house! Watched the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. I enjoyed them.

August 13, 2012
Went to work which is unusual. Beautiful hot day. Coffee after work and then a swim at the Deen's pool. Made some lists for packing.

August 14, 2012
Cooler day with lots of cloud. After work went for coffee and then to Cobourg with rain. Had a lovely supper at Gayle's with Diana and Michael. Rain stopped and we went to the concert. Lots of great music including a melody of tunes from Joseph and the Multicoloured Dreamcoat.

August 15, 2012
Did lots of packing and we were ready to hit the road by 10:30. We met Joan and hit the road for Bancroft. Sun and cloud but no rain. Cooler. Our campsites were not together but we had sewers so that was good. I made my potato and pasta salads. Joan cooked supper and we had an early night.

August 16, 2012
A beautiful sunny day with a bit of wind. Slept in till 10 am. Joan cooked a great breakfast. Joan and I went for a swim in Marble Lake and John played life guard. Salads and cold meat at our camp site for lunch and back for a second dip in the lake.  Pierre and Evelyn came for supper and we had a wonderful visit. Sat outside with candle light till 10 pm.

August 17, 2012
Sun and cloud and very windy. Packed up and went to Foodland in Bancroft and then a quick stop in Cardiff for ice and we were at Brian and Dorothy's for lunch. Joan camped at her own property and we were up by the cabin. No one was home when we arrived. After lunch I made my coleslaw and Christopher and all his family arrived around 4. Matthew and family and Jonathan and family and Brian and Dorothy came shortly after. Supper was leftovers enjoyed by the C W and family and Aunt Joan. We had a bonfire and AJ and Patrick entertained us with campfire songs.

August 18, 2012
A lovely sunny day with some clouds and wind. Sean and family minus Charlie arrived at 2 am and camped at Joan's property. Philip and CW cooked bacon and eggs for everyone with lots of helpers at Joan's place. CW then ferried us in a couple of trips to the lake for a swim. Matthew and Beth with Aiden and River joined us and Jonathan and Holly with Jaslyn, Jace and Hudson, came too. It was very refreshing and not everyone hit the water. I was the first one in. Joan, Sean, Stephen, Christopher, Lori, Philip, Taylor, Alexandre, Patrick, Jonathan, Jaslyn, Jace, Matthew and Aiden were the brave ones. River and Hudson paddled at the edge and played in the sand. On his second trip back to the house CW found a guitar on the side of the road. We all sat around the fire pit and Cathy and her sister Sue (didn't stay for supper), Phil and Jackie with their daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, Dick and Diane and Joseph joined us. Brian barbequed hamburgers, Joan and I contributed salads and others looked after condiments and dessert. Supper was great and a cake was brought out for Matthew and Beth's and Jonathan and Holly's Anniversaries which are both in August. We had another bonfire and a few fireworks were set off before dark for the little ones. After dark Matthew did a great fireworks display for us all.

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