Sunday, June 5, 2011

two weeks to go

The week went slowly this time even with Meghan coming on Wednesday to take me put to lunch. The other girls were saying the same thing. I guess we got spoiled with the short week. Physically my magnesium is creeping up very slowly so they didn't do any intervenes, my skin looks OK but feels a bit tender and I am having a bit of a diarrhea problem but the Imodium works! All in all I don't have much to complain about. I have one more week and a day of external radiation to go. The second week I only have to go Monday(last external), Wednesday and Friday (internal) with the last internal on June 20 and I am done. I am not sure yet if I will commute the last week or stay at the Lodge. I have a possible ride for the Wednesday the 15 so if that works out I will commute if not it is too much for John to drive 3 times so I will stay. We have been very lucky to have friends or my daughter Sharon pick me up on the Fridays and take me home which means John has only done the Mondays. Sharon and her son Paul picked me up last Friday and of course we went to the discount clothing outlet and then they stayed the weekend and helped me do some outdoor clean up and gardening.

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