Friday, March 27, 2009


Not much going on around her this week but I did find an interesting site with free media such as photos and music called Wikamedia there are a lot of public domain photos and it is best to search for what you are looking for. I was looking at "latest files" but the odd pornographic photo would show up ( 1 in 300)so now I just search for what I am looking for. My next quest will be for fish or fishing things to see if I can get inspired for the June Mega Kit and I founds lots of interesting things

These are a couple public domain pictures I will play with


Pumpy said...

I think fishing kits and embelishments will go down very well. There is not enough goodies for men and boys, (or are they the same?)!!!! xxx

Bernadette1 said...

Fishing. That's quite a change. I might as well mention that we did so much fishing and ate fish practically before it stopped flopping around, so now I don't like to eat too much fish unless we are in a reputable restaurant. I refuse to buy it and cook it at home.