Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Day

Again I spent most of the day at my computer. I did another layout for Paul and worked on my contibution for the March Mega Kit at RAKS. I have DH's scaner and I have been playing with that and scaning things to use as backgound papers for kits I would like to do. It was a pajama day and I loved it. Hope to have another freebie soon.

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Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Love your blog, and now I have a google blog also with really nothing on it, can't figure it out, the biggest disappointment is that I can't figure how to put it so that my gallary site will have the words MY BLOG there and then others can visit it. I am just a google site right now open to the world. I am at a total loss, nothing has come out right. However, guess I can just keep trying.
Glad your having fun with yours and it's interesting to read. Bernie