Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finished my second week

Well it has been awhile! I left home for Kingston two weeks ago and just got back home this weekend as we spent the last one in Cornwall.
Staying at the "Lodge" isn't bad. When I first got there May 10 there were 5 other women there all there to get radiation. 4 for breast cancer and 1 for her brain as a side effect from lung cancer. This week a couple of new ladies came but I haven't had a chance to talk to them yet as they arrived on Wednesday. Monday night is Bingo night and Tuesdays a couple of young men come and play the piano and flute. Wednesday night a couple of more young volunteers made microwave cookies also Wednesday morning someone makes us pancakes. There was a "Look Good Feel Better" session on the first Wednesday and they gave us a box of wonderful name brand cosmetics and showed us how to apply them as well as a talk on wigs. It was a lot of fun. On the Friday a couple of us got into the boxes of free wigs and hats and I got a new wig which I like and I can also wear a hat with as well as several turban like head coverings.
Medically speaking the first week my energy level was not good and my Monday blood test showed my magnesium level was .63 It should be around 1.5. I had a 2 gm 2 hour IV on Thursday to try and give it a boost and I am still taking 1600+ ml daily. I get my blood tested every Monday so they can keep track of things but there was a mix up with paper work on May 17 and when I saw the Dr.'s nurse on Thursday morning they didn't have the results so she scheduled more blood tests and I waited 11/2 hours for the results and it came back at .68 so I had another 2 gm shot of magnesium this week. I wonder where it all goes?? Hope fully it will improve next week. My energy level this week has been much better and I was able to go up the stairs and not take the elevator.
The actual radiation treatments take about 10 minutes and can be scheduled anytime between 8 am and 6 pm. So far I have not had any reactions but week 3 is the usual start for that so we will see what next week brings. They have warned me to expect possible skin problems very similar to a bad sunburn and also diarrhea which is also a side effect of taking magnesium. I have been taking Metimusel every day and if things get worse I have the Imodium ready! I also am watching my diet and avoiding high fibre foods. We will hope for the best.
Last weekend we went to Cornwall and camped in our sons driveway. The weather was terrible rain and cold. We attended the Sea Cadet Annual Inspection on the Saturday and I wore my wig and my hat so all went well. Lori had a lovely supper ready for us when it was over.
This weekend John and I went to garage sales all morning and he is now working at the Lion's Spaghetti Supper it has been a worm beautiful sunny day. I hope there will be more days like that next week so I can go for walks along the St. Lawrence which is only a block from the Lodge.
Last Thursday John picked me up after waiting for the IV to end and we went to Casino Rama (near Orillia) to meet some friends who had kindly got us tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. What a wonderful experience! Beethoven with pyrotechnics. I really enjoyed it. Before it started we had a lovely buffet supper and I won $15.00 on the penny machine. We got home at 12:30am. John's sister and her friend Diana took me back to Kingston on Friday for my treatment and then we had a lovely lunch before heading back home.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all the good wishes and prayers coming my way They are working!