Friday, April 29, 2011


Sharon took the day off work and we left early in the morning. Our first stop was in Brockville at a used book store where I found several books I had been looking for. Sharon then took me to a wonderful bakery called Tait's where we had deli sandwiches, then on to Kingston. We HAD to stop at the ladies discount store where I bought 5 pairs of slacks, (white, purple, gray, gray mix and blue jeans) a striped long sleeve shirt and a black and white T all for $100.00! They carry name brands like Alia and Tan Jay and Nygard.
Then we went to the hospital for my appointment at 2:45. Heather came and got me at 3 and took me to a waiting room and gave me 2 glasses of water to drink because if the bladder is full they can see things better in the catscan. Dr. Shenfield then came and explained the side effects (fatigue is no 1 then diarrhea, nausea and vomiting etc. as they aim at the abdomen which includes the stomach and intestine)he suggested I take Metamuscil before each session. and I signed the consent form. Then another Heather came and explained more about the catscan and treatment and having the bladder full before treatment lessons the side effects. I had the cat scan at 4 and they put tape on you and then do measurements then scan again and more measureing and give you 4 tiny pinprick tattoos. These show the technician where to aim the radiation. My first treatment is May 9 and I will check into Quinte Lodge then and will stay there each week Monday to Friday. I am to have 25 external and 3 internal so it will be 5-7 weeks as they don't do anything on holidays.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

Just a quick update to say I have an appointment on April 27 for the set up of the Radiology and I will get my treatment schedule then. I am going to visit my children and grandchildren next week and hope to spend a couple of days with each of them. I am not getting my strength back as quickly as I did before but each day is a bit better than the last one.

My granddaughter Meghan and I are doing the "Bead Bop" probably May 2-3 (6 Ottawa area stores will have sales, demonstrations, workshops, trunk shows, or "make-and-takes". "Bead Boppers" can purchase a "Bead Bop Passport" at any participating Bead Store. The Passport entitles you to a 15% discount on most purchases made during the Bead Bop, a beader's loot bag which will include, a beading caliper, a copy of Canadian Beading Magazine and some surprises. Each "bopper" will also have a chance on a draw for a $50 gift certificate at each store visited) Then I will come home or maybe go to Kingston for the start of the treatments who knows!!

Clipart from "Easter" by Bel Vidotti Scraps

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got to ring the bell

My biggest problem is that my Magnesium levels are low and I am now taking two magnesium pills twice a day at least for a month. My weight was back to what it was the first time and I had a new intern a male Dr, Desmond and he gave me an external exam, heart rate and reflects etc. and Dr. Biagi did another internal exam to pass on to the radiologist and he said everything looks good. I got to ring the Bell near the exit of the Chemo Lab yesterday to signal that it was my last Chemotherapy session! They have a (large 10” high by 8” wide and very loud) ship type bell and when you ring it everyone clap’s and cheers. I was in the smaller room this time and it was a bit dull but the nurse Charity was great and my blood pressure only went up (180/81) when the lunch relief nurse took it. I even got as low as 131/70! Highest with Charity the first one was 162/88 Just one more bad weekend to go through. The next challenge will be the radiation sessions. I am to have 25 external and 3 internal treatments. Externals are done Monday to Friday and not on Holidays, and you are in the hospital for less than half an hour. The internal ones are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they are at the end. There are many side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue etc. but these are only possible and again everyone is different and I won’t know how I will be effected till I have the treatment. I will be staying at the Quinte Lodge, which is a very short walk away from the hospital. It was once the nursing residence. I had a tour yesterday and it is very nice. The rooms are large and have a single bed, a dresser, a desk a phone, and a sink. There is a women only bathroom with a couple of tubs and showers as well as toilets all with doors that can be locked. The worst thing is you cannot use any electronics in your room as wiring is old and they are worried about fire hazards. That means no laptop. I am seriously thinking of a Blackberry Smart phone (It will connect to the new Play Book which I hope to get in a year or so) and a Kindell or Kobo e-book reader. I also have lots of paperback books to take. I do not have to empty my room when I go home so that is good. They have a wonderful dining kitchen area and provide juice, fruit, cereal etc. And suggest you bring frozen dinners and they provide a big freezer and a fridge (with a bin for each room) they have toasters and microwaves and dishes and cutlery and you must use the dishwasher. There are a 3-4 of lounges some with TV and they have activities like Bingo and arts and crafts in the evenings. When I know more I will post the phone number and room number. After the tour we did a bit of shopping and guess what I bought a hat on the assumption it would match the shoes I had at home. What do you think? Pretty good eh! It looks pink in the photo but they are actually more of a peach. My new Easter Bonnet.